What is Common Ground?

Common Ground is in the business of bringing people together. From a restaurant standpoint, Common Ground will be a delicious diner meets cozy cafe, with just the right amount of whimsy.

I mean, who DOESN’T love a good tea party now & again?

But the backbone of Common Ground is and ALWAYS will be to build & support the community through a variety of activities, classes, workshops & events intended to create unique ways for individuals of all ages & stripes to find common ground amongst each other.

(do you see what we did there??)

We are so very excited to be opening in Middleton soon, & will be sharing details on our building progress & opening date, so STAY TUNED!

In the meantime, look around the website to learn more about what Common Ground is all about, & always feel free to email with any questions, thoughts or ideas to our email address at:


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