CoEvolution Radio

Welcome to CoEvolution Radio, the Big Show INSIDE YOUR HEAD

We will be airing existential audio tidbits with series on everything from gardening to mindfulness & philosophy; and of course a variety of musical genres & local talent! The shows will be aired live from Common Ground, and when these fabulous shows aren’t airing, you can enjoy around the clock streaming music from the talented musicians & groups who have played live at Common Ground!

Show Schedules

The Moe Show : Durango & Moe discuss literature & other topics – Tuesdays @3pm

Good Neighbor Yoga : Ashlan & Durango discuss mindfulness & meditation (regular time TBA!)

The Gregarious Gardener : Durango talks botany & other fascinating nature tidbits with horticulturist Robin Kling – Saturdays @5pm

Durango’s Roadhouse Radio Show : featuring guest musicians every Saturday night from 7-9pm! Durango interviews the musicians, asks our live audience trivia questions and any other shenanigans that may arise in the 2 hours show. Make sure to stop out Saturday nights to catch Durango’s Roadhouse live!

Click below for a live stream of CoEvolution Radio & get ready to fill your ears and expand your mind!